Monday, 28 January 2013

Geo Skirts♥

YAY! Okay,so on MSP there was HUGE Rumour Geo Skirts were coming,all the mods denied it. But....IT WAS TRUE! Geo Skirts have returned. Geo skirts were catergorised into the 'rares' (MSP items that  you can no longer purchase) Now there normal :D Yay! Anyways I should really be doing my homework...But its on Reproduction...Yeah...Anyways...BAII ♥

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

MY MOM ♥ Issue 1 ☺

Yeah. I know Random Blog. Got Nothing To Do With MSP. But What Eves. :P Im Bad :L Anyways. My mom Is one of the Most amazing person ive ever met in my life. Everyone Gets to the stage to there life when they ''Hate'' their Mom. So If your going through that right now...Maybe this may help to change your mind..Or...Make you angry and punch your computer screen...Either way ;3 Who cares!?! ;P My Mom Is a Cutie Mc Tootie :3 She Knows English But sometimes she just sounds Adorable with her accent :D Shes Like a Toasty Teddy Bear and Shes Awesome ;O So Im thinking of doing this every Tuesday. Telling you random stuff my mom does! So I asked my mom a riddle the other day. Ma, whats Black and white and Red all over? (A Old NewPaper) And her first guess was..Drumroll Please...*Drumroll* A VEGTABLE. o.O....Her second Guess was a lamp...Yeah... :'D I tell you It was darn funny though ;3 So Yeah..BYE! ♥ PUNKIE OUT! PEACE ♥

Heres a Random Picture to keep this Post Intresting:

Best Roleplaying Buddie☺

Haii ♥ So On MSP I have 1 Seriously Legendary Roleplaying Bestie! Now I RP On Zippy Chat. This Is Because On MSP It takes Ages to refresh and some stupid words like -Sees- Gets Blocked and You cant Talk for 5 Mins. ._. Thank You MSP. Thank you ¬.¬* Anyways So I Thought Id give Ma RP Queen a Little Shout On Ma Bloggie♥